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Some of you know her as a singer/songwriter or music/video producer, some in person, for a lot of you she might be new but you will soon learn that not only is she gifted in many creative ways but first and most of all she is a humane and caring person who appreciates the same qualities in people and believes that only love and compassion can make a difference to our lives today.

Oksana loves nature, animals and everything that makes this world beautiful and alive. Music is also amongst those things that bring Oksana and her creativity to life. 
It has been said that 'charity begins at home', she is however at the stage of her humanitarian life where she is preparing to set up an international charity trust to help the most disadvantaged, disabled, affected by political conflicts,aggression and wars around the world.

At present Oksana is trying together with other volunteers and supporters to help raise funds for wounded warriors in Ukraine while their new government is still trying to establish themselves and become a fully governing body. If you would like to contribute you can find all the details on the Fundraising page. 

 Her biggest dream today is to make those who organises chaos in the world stop and think that they are destroying not only others' but their own lives, taking from our children a chance for a better future - the future that they dreamt of and believed in when they were children themselves, the future that these kids can create with our help.

On her Biography Page you will get some insights into her life not only as an artist but what made her who she is today and why she kept a low profile until recently.
Soon you will be able to listen to Oksana's new songs here as well as download them for free. At present she is writing for her newly developing charity trust and working on new music video projects.

Here's the link to the music video of Oksana's new single 'Angel' :

or just click any of YouTube links on this page

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Hampstead, London

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